Akenland is a roleplaying experience, built inside of Minecraft. An entirely original story and custom gameplay bring the world to life.

  • Original story and worldbuilding
  • Custom gameplay functionality, written in Java, using the Bukkit API

Spore API and Sporepedia Services

Spore is a game about evolution and user-created content. The community-made Spore API builds on the game’s official web API and content server (Sporepedia) with new capabilities and custom content servers, and is planned to keep the game alive and working even if the official servers are shut down.

  • Decodes file formats used by the game, to extract data
  • Drop-in replacement for the official web API, using ASP.NET Core (WIP)
  • User-Generated Content server, accessible by web API (WIP)
  • Web and desktop apps for browsing and downloading content (WIP)
  • All componentized into .NET Standard libraries (WIP), written in C#


OneAmp is one player for all of your music. A Windows 10 app that runs on PC, mobile, and Xbox, and allows playback of local and OneDrive music. A Fluent Design experience, it’s natural, intuitive, and engaging – everything expected of a Windows 10 app.